Qinru Zhang is a designer graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2022. She uses her skills in design, conceptualization, and interactive technologies to create memorable experiences. She currently works as a member of the RISD Design Guild. ︎ ︎

Future Wonderland(2021). Animation, Website. The animation uses Artificial Intelligence to generate imageries responding to the phenomenon of tech-nature fusion and depicting a mutualistic symbiosis of nature and technology. It was selected to be screened on the 16th and Arapahoe LED screen by Denver Digerati in Denver.

Digital Bug(2021). Motion-tracking system from coding. Participators can create a bug-looking digital creature from their movements. This project addresses aspects of creating, trials, and errors through bodily movements. Click through to see demo.

Encyclopedia of Childhood Nightmare(2021). Animation for graphic designer Gia Zhaos book. Click through to view animation segments.

Featured in FAV Senior Show Screening, Providence. 2022.5
                       Open Media & Glass Show. 2022.4.
                       Palm Springs Animation Festival. 2022.4
                       M3DIUM X RISD Student Collection. 2022.3
                       Digital Daily No.125, Denver. 2022.1
                       Remote Landing, Beijing. 2021.9
                       FAV Junior Show, Online/Providence. 2021.5
                       Memories and How We Hold Them, Providence. 2021.4
                       The Indy, Volume 42 Issue 2, Publication. 2021.2
                       WordHack Online Performance, Online. 2020.11
                       Online Haunted House, Online. 2020.10
                       Kitsch Summer Blowout, Online. 2020.9
                       Light of the Future, Shenzhen. 2020.8


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