Qinru Zhang is a designer graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2022. She uses her skills in design, conceptualization, and interactive technologies to create memorable experiences. She currently works as a member of the RISD Design Guild. ︎ ︎

Orbit Chain
AR Prototype, 2022
Blender, Abode Aero, Unity

Roles: 3D modeling and texturizing, animating, prototyping
Collaboration partner: Ranxin Zhou
This in-progess project is a visualization of the experience living with coronavirus in a constantly locked down urban environment.

Our goal is to create an immersive public environment that suggests a coexistence of all organism. We took inspirations from animal movements, plant growth patterns, and DNA chains. 

Currently, we are at the stage of testing out AR results with different AR platforms. We are also exploring the possibility of hologram projection, camera capture on LED, and interactive AR.

Work process documentation: