Super Nature
Interative installation, 2021
Blender, Unity, and Arduino Uno

Roles: Lead concept designer, visual designer, 3D modeler, Arduino engineering, script co-editor
Collaboration partner: Ranxin Zhou
Super Nature is an interative installation. With an ultrasonic sensor connected to Unity with Arduino, players are able to change the computer generated imagery according to their distances away from the facility.

When audiences enter the room, they see themselves reflected on the mirror windows.  As they attempt to walk closer, the program transforms the mirror into glass, showing the artificial flowers on the other end.

Our intention is to raise the awareness of importance of nature in the hyper-technological world and explore spatial possibilities in a flat digital surface.

Player test 
00:00 - 13:00 Approaching to Arduino ultrasonic sensor
13:00 - 20:00 Departing from Arduino ultrasonic sensor

Texture tests with distance sensor:
Respectively 2cm, 84cm, 2279cm

Model processes: