Qinru Zhang is a digital media artist, user experience project creator, graphic designer, and animator.

Zhang is dedicated to the building of the virtual world. Her passion is to bridge the real life and the digital screen. She aims to design her projects as crescendos of unexpected experiences for her audience. Zhang has interned in a brand marketing team focusing on campaign productions, collaborated as a graphic designer for editorials and posters, and worked as a freelance animator commissioned by companies and organizations.

Currently, Zhang is expanding her studies on stimulating and directing user interactions with digital devices by creating a 3D-modeled VR animation and AR installation as her year-long BFA degree project.

Rhode Island School of Design
BFA 2022 Film/Animation/Video

Academic concentrations:
    + Computation and Technology
    + History, Philosophy, and Social Sicences


Super Nature, 2021, User-interactive installation, Creative Coding and modeling

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