Qinru Zhang(China, 1999) is a multimedia artist exploring identity, femininity, and uncanniness through digital and fine arts. Zhang transforms traditional femininity into an eerie existence through her gentle observation of feminine stories. Her work thinks about reality and imagination, digital existence, and the notion of mirroring. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with Honors in 2022. Currently, she lives and works in New York City.


Hermes Awards
Platinum in Print Media, Design, and Marketing Materials

MUSE Awards
Platinum in Experiential & Immersive
Platinum in Social Media
Gold in Experiential & Immersive

NYX Awards
Gold in Immersive & Mixed Reality Animation
Gold in Video / Web Based Productions

Vega Awards
Platinum in Virtual / Remote Experience

Winner in Fine Art 

*film festivals
Bridge Video Film Festival, Award Winner
ANIMAZE Montreal International Animation Film Festival, Official Selection
Athens Digital Arts Festival, 360 Video Category Official Selection
Delete TV, Official Selection

Detroit International Festival of Animation, Official Selection
Palm Springs Animation Festival, Official Selection(2022 & 2023)
01NFT/New Media/Experimental/Digital Arts Film Festival, Special Mention

Li Tang Interview
Vega Awards Winner Interview
Design Clever, UK
Al-Tiba ISSUE 13 Magazine
Art Insider Interview
Shoutout LA Interview
Canvas Rebel Interview
SINA News, China

Digital Events at Denver Digerati. 2023.5: HOMECORE Solo screening / Sound, Image, Body Group event
Denver Digerati, Digital Daily LED Screen Content 2023.4-5
Transcending the Ideal, New York. 2023.4

Alpha, :iidrr Gallery, New York. 2022.12.
Avatar GIF by RaidenINST,  Cryptovoxles. 2022.11
HouseLanlanli Interview, Digital. 2022.10
Situasian, Xiamen, China. 2022.9
Dare to...NFT Group Exhibition. New York. 2022.5
FAV Senior Show Screening, Providence. 2022.5
Bright Future, Open Media Show, Providence. 2022.4
M3DIUM X RISD Collection, Digital. 2022.3
Digital Daily No.125, Denver. 2022.1

Remote Landing, Beijing. 2021.9
FAV Junior Show, Digital/Providence. 2021.5
Memories and How We Hold Them, Providence. 2021.4
The Indy, Volume 42 Issue 2, Publication. 2021.2

WordHack Online Performance, Digital. 2020.11
Online Haunted House, Digital. 2020.10
Kitsch Summer Blowout, Digital. 2020.9
Light of the Future, Shenzhen. 2020.8 

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